2013 Midwest csa conference materials


Midwest CSA Conference

Dec. 7-8, 2017

Wisconsin Dells, WI



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Beginning CSA Farmers

Is CSA Farming Right for Me?

Planning and Launching a Farm Business

Creating Community in Your CSA in the Start-up Years

CSA in the Urban Setting

Building Community

Member Voices: Strengthening CSA Relationships at the Farm & Community Level

Lessons Learned on Member Preferences for CSA

Strategies for Improving Food Access (and Farm Viability) with the CSA Model

Facebook Best Practices for Increasing CSA Shares

Financial Management & Business Planning

Improving Your Financial Management Skills

Building CSA Farm Viability Through Unique Succession and Labor Strategies [Part I]

Building CSA Farm Viability Through Unique Succession and Labor Strategies [Part II]

Fair Labor Relationships on the CSA Farm for Both Farmer & Worker

Strategic Diversification

Production & Logistics

Risk Management I - Managing Risk Through Variety Selection

Building a Culture of Food Safety on the Farm

Risk Management II - Building Shared Risk with Production & Communication Strategies

Cool Tools: Mechanical Weed Control Techniques and Tools

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Keynote Address: Steven McFadden: Awakening Community Intelligence

Beginning CSA Farmers

Nuts & Bolts: Key Beginning Farmers Issues to Consider for Success

Nuts & Bolts II: Practical Tips for Beginning CSA Farmers

Land Access Strategies

Marketing Your Farm: What Sets You and Your CSA Apart?


Farm Hacks: Hardware and Equipment Hacks

What's in Your Box? 

Opportunities for a Diversified CSA

Achieving Labor Efficiencies on Your Farm

Building Community

Deepening the C & S of Your CSA

​CSAs Working Together

Beyond the Walls of the CSA

Best Practices in Member Communication

Business & Financial Management

Understanding Cash Flow vs. Profitability (1)(2)

Jumping into Farm Transition Planning

CSA Farm Legal Aspects

Investment Analysis